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Solar Cooker 19.2x19.2x7Inch

Solar Cooker 19.2x19.2x7Inch

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Small Size solar cooker specification of the cooker UV resistant molded fiberglass body 480 x 480 x170 MM (19.2x19.2x7 Inch.)
Cooking Capacity 4-6 Kg per day
Total weight Approx. 14 Kg including cooking pots.
Tray Material & coating Aluminum sheet, black painted of high heat absorption and low emission.
Cooking pots Stainless steel, hard black coated cooking pots.
Size = All Boxes are 1Litres.
Energy source Solar.
Power consumption Approximately 0.1 to 0.4 kWh. Depending on food quantity and ambient
Mirror- 17.5×17.5 Inch
Thickness - 4mm
Toughened -
Plain glass- 405× 405×4mm
Box type Solar Cookers Features:
A Box Solar Cooker is basically an insulated box with a glass cover and a top lid which has a mirror on the inside to reflect
sunlight into the box when the lid is kept open. The inner part of the box is painted black. Up to four black painted vessels are 
placed inside the box with the food to be cooked. The cooker takes 1 ½ to 2 hours to cook items such as rice, lentils and 
vegetables. The cooker has also been used to prepare simple cakes, roast cashew nuts, dry grapes, etc. It is an ideal device for 
domestic cooking during most of the years except the monsoon season and cloudy days. It however cannot be used for frying or 
chapati making.
• Solar Cooking involves no recurring expenses on fuel. Solar energy is absolutely free.
• Cost of the solar cooker can be recovered easily through saving on fuel bill in a few years.
• A box solar cooker if used regularly can save 3 to 4 LPG cylinders per year.
• It saves time. You are free to do other things while food cooks in the solar cooker.
• There is no fear of scorching the food.
• It ensures a better and more nutritious cooked food because of its slow cooking design.
• It is durable and simple to operate.
• It does not pollute the environment and conserves conventional energy.
• It is an asset to the household and a pride to its owner.
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